Notice of Awards 2014



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Notice of Award 2014

Code Supplies Category Supplier/s
PB 01-2014  Drugs and Medicine  
PB 02-2014  Medical Oxygen  Zomedel Gas
PB 03-2014  Medical and Surgical  
PB 04-2014 Laboratory

 Biocare Health Resources

 Medical Center Trading Corp

 Medlane Enterprises

 MRL Cybertech, Corp

 Multi-Teknika, Dmds

 Rusch Trading, Inc

PB 05-2014  Housekeeping and Janitorial

 Berovan Marketing Inc

 Bodega Glassware

 MHR HealthCare Co

 Redluck Enterprises

PB 06-2014  Hardware and Construction  Unico Trading
PB 07-2014
 Microbiological Safety Cabinet  Guill-Bern Corporation
PB 08-2014  Drugs and Medicines (Re-Bid)  United Laboratories, Inc
PB 09-2014

 Office Equipment for Pre-Engineering

 Medical Oxygen

 Denver's Computer Shoppe

 Phil. Duplicators, Inc

PB 10-2014

 Medical and Surgical

 Medical and Surgical (Re-Bid)

 Patient Care Corporation

 Zuellig Pharma Corp

PB 11-2014  Medical Equipment (Ventillator)  Health-Tech Medical, Inc
PB 12-2014  Drugs and Medicines  
PB 13-2014  Medical and Surgical  
PB 14-2014  Laboratory

 Biocare Health Resources

 Drake Marketing & Equipment Corp

 Labmate Pharma, Inc

 Medical Center Trading Corp

 Medlane Enterprises

 MRL Cybertech Corp

 Multi-Teknika, Dmds

 Rusch Trading, Inc

PB 15-2014  Drugs and Medicine

 United Laboratories, Inc


 Phil. Pharmawealth, Inc

 Pharma & Healthcare Specialist, Inc

 Onicare Pharma Trading & Gen. Mdse

 GoodFellow Pharma Corp

 Globo Asiatico Enterprises Inc

 Euro-Med Laboratories Phils, Inc

 Delex Pharma International Inc

PB 16-2014  Infrastructure  
PB 17-2014  Medical Equipment

 Endure Medical, Inc

 RGBM Medical Express Sales, Inc

 Rusch Trading, Inc

 Saviour Medevices, Inc

PB 18-2014  Laboratory

 Labmate Pharma Inc.

 Medical Center Trading Corp.

 Medlane Enterprises

 MRL Cybertech Corp.

 Multi Teknika Dmds

 Rusch Trading Inc.