Voluntary Blood Donation March 2019

The activity was spearheaded by the BRTTH Blood Bank Head Dr. Marcelina A. Mestiola and the BRBC Admin Head Dr. Alan Lucañas, and facilitated by the BRTTH Laboratory and BRBC staff. 

Participants included volunteers from local partner agencies like the Legazpi BJMP and PNP. Employees of BRTTH from the nursing, medical, administrative and phaarmacy departments also donated blood.  Many of the participants were actually repeat donors.  Notable among the donors were the BRTTH doctors, postgraduate interns and medical clerks who found time to drop by the BRBC to give blood.

The bloodletting yielded 63 blood units that were processed and stored at the BRBC for future use.  The primary objective of the activity was to collect a variety of blood products that will be utilized in saving the lives of patients, especially for the use of BRTTH in-patients who are in need of blood/blood products.



Volunteer blood donors filling up their demographics in the donor history questionnaire


Volunteer Blood Donors: Marivic Vivian M. Presbitero and Antonio V. Alfane, V both are BRTTH Blood Bank MedTechs.