Pacific Partnership 2016

Pacific Partnership 2016 | June 26 – July 12, 2016

BRTTH OPD Conference Hall, SICU Room 1 and 2, 2 nd Floor Seaport Ferry Terminal and New ER Trauma Building

Exchange of expertise towards achieving disaster resiliency. Dr. Victor Angelo Colina and Dr. Salvacion S. Macinas while talking about disaster related topics, healthcare challenges and disaster response during the Joint Disaster Management Symposium held last June 30, 2016 at OPD Conference Hall. 

Biomedical Technician SMEE

The Biomedical Technician SMEE was held last June 30-July 2 and July 5 at BRTTH-Engineering Office. BRTTH technicians and engineers participated in the said activity. Biomedical Technician SMEE enabled collaboration between PP staff and local counterpart in terms of repairing medical equipment. Aside from repairing certain equipment, PP staff also shared their knowledge on preventive maintenance of medical equipment. 

Nursing SMEE

The Nursing SMEE was held last July 1, 2016 at OB Conference room.  BRTTH nurses from different wards experienced side by side exchange of expertise with the PP staff. They also discussed emergencies in childbirth and newborn care, critical assessment of respiratory emergencies in newborns and disaster emergency triage.

Passionate and Competent Nurses Provide Best Patient Care.  Participants of Nursing SMEE together with PP staff while discussing patient care related topics. They also visited different wards and provided bedside nursing to some patients. 


It was held last July 1 and 2, 2016. Dr. Thad Ciocson discussed current updates in echo and hands training of echo techniques scanning patients. They also talked about screening for congenital and rheumatic heart disease.

Host nation participants and microbiologist from the US Navy worked side-by-side and discussed updated disease surveillance techniques. This SMEE involved lecture tackling disease outbreak investigation. PP staff also assisted HN participants in terms of assessing current disease surveillance techniques and discussion of future surveillance engagements.

Environmental Health SMEE

The Environmental Health SMEE was held last July 1 at Engineering Conference Room. This activity emerged in partnership with Albay Region Department of Health (DOH) and Environmental Health Staff aiming to provide community education on Food Service Sanitation Inspection, Food outbreak investigation, Water quality assurance (surface, well manufactured), water sampling techniques, Food and Water safety practices.

Participants and PP staff conducted health threat assessments for food, water, habitability and sanitation. They also tried sand filtration and disinfection of catchment water at schools. PP staff also assisted EH personnel with understanding of DREL and Chlorine Meter.

Entomology SMEE

This activity involved coordination with Albay Region Department of Health (DOH) professionals to improve techniques of vector surveillance and abatement within the scope of capabilities available. They also conducted site assessment to identify potential mosquito breeding areas and educate vector borne disease outbreak response.

Industrial Hygiene SMEE

PP staff assisted local inspectors in terms of health threat assessments for toxic industrial exposures causing public health diseases in various facilities. Lecture about recognition and management of workplace hazards was tackled as well. The primary objective of this activity was to improve capability of hospital to handle biological waste appropriately. They also tackled principles and ways of handling infectious/bio hazardous waste in limited environment.

Infectious Disease SMEE

Infectious Disease SMEE was held last July 2 at SICU Room 2. The discussion involved exchange of information and best practices regarding epidemic infectious disease. They also discussed didactic and case presentation format to share current evidence and medicine interventions in infectious disease management focusing upon outbreaks that may occur after floods and volcanic pollution.

Wound Care SMEE

Wound Care SMEE was held last July 2, 2016 at SICU Room 1. Discussion involved exchange of information and best practices regarding wound care management. They had didactic and case presentation tackling current medicine interventions in wound care management and outbreaks that usually occur after floods and volcanic pollution.