BRTTH Journey to PGS: The MSGC Inauguration
Author: Cyra Corral

The Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) has embodied up to par history of public health service. From a 10-bed US army station hospital in 1918, BRTTH has progressed as the Department of Health-retained tertiary hospital based in Legazpi City. The institution gradually expanded its capacity, complexity and healthcare services, all for the mandate of serving the Bicolano people.

Amidst its growth, BRTTH has experienced obstacles in providing quality healthcare services to the community that it serves. Some of the challenges were the ever-increasing number of patients, fund allocations, equipment, facilities, etc. The COVID-19 pandemic also added to the concerns of the hospital. These challenges led the institution to pursue reformation.

In 2018, BRTTH begun its strategic transformation under the Performance Governance System (PGS), a framework for governance reform created by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA). The PGS by ISA was adopted by the Department of Health (DOH) to implement best practices in strategy and management to meet the needs of Philippine public sector institutions.

BRTTH moved towards completing the PGS Initiation Stage with the Initiation Revalida on June 27, 2019. The hospital not only received Stage 1 PGS certification but also bagged a silver trailblazer award.

As BRTTH goes to its PGS Journey and strive to become an apex hospital, the institution on March 16, 2021, commenced its first Performance Governance System—Multi-Sector Governance Council (PGS-MSGC) Meeting headed by Ms. Marlyn Daguno. On May 14, 2021, BRTTH symbolically led the inauguration of the MSGC members.


MSGC Members and Officers

To obtain its vision and goal of becoming an apex hospital providing multi-specialty and subspecialty healthcare services, BRTTH partnered with 11 selected agencies. They will help and guide the institution in pursuing its reform agenda.

The members/agencies were: Dr. Jacinto Blas V. Mantaring III, Chairperson, Philippine Health Research Ethics and Network (PHREN); Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas, SUC President, Bicol University (BU); Director Agnes M. Espinas-Tolentino, Regional Director, National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA); Mr. Arwin O. Razo, the representative of Director Leo L. Quintilla of  the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD); Dr. Maria Teresa G. De Alban, Governor, Philippine Nurses Association (PNA); and Acting Director Daisy P. Bragais of Civil Service Commission (CSC).

February E. Manuel, the Representative of Director Renato M. De Vera, Department of Budget and Management (DBM); Director Ernie V. Vera, Regional Director, DOH; Dr. Estela B. Zenit of Provincial Health Office (PHO); Director Claudio L. Yucot, Office of Civil Defense (OCD); and Mr. Andy Valdemoro, the Representative of Mr. Henry Almanon, Regional Vice President, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) were also members of MSGC.

The MSGC is a group of external stakeholders that will assist the BRTTH in realizing its strategic decision. Set of officers was formed to proactively guide the BRTTH and the MSGC members in attaining the institution’s vision. 

Director Ernie V. Vera of DOH was the Chairperson of MSGC. He will be supported by Dr. Estela V. Zenit, from PHO, the elected Co-Chairperson for Internal Affairs. Atty. Daisy P. Bragais of CSC, was Co-Chairperson for External Affairs.

The MSGC officers expressed their support to the PGS-MSGC of BRTTH. Together with the members, they pledged to commit themselves to achieve the goal of BRTTH to provide higher-level quality of service. They pledged to foster an environment and platform where each of the members can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of one another.

The PGS—MSGC members and officers as they pledged to commit themselves to support the goal of BRTTH of becoming an apex hospital.



As part of the agencies’ commitment to BRTTH, they stated their advocacies that will support the vision of BRTTH in becoming an apex hospital with end-referral specialty centers.

Dr. Jacinto Blas V. Mantaring III, Chairperson of PHREN, stated that with the PHREN’s commitment to the institution, they were committed to strengthen the partnership of PHREN with BRTTH in whatever capacity. Also, Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas, SUC President of BU, said that as the university aimed to expand their linkages, they intend to support BRTTH towards providing world class services to total healthcare.

Meanwhile, Director Claudio Yucot of OCD, mentioned that whatever knowledge he may have, he will share it with PGS for the benefit of BRTTH. Mr. Andy Valdemoro of PHIC, said that they will continue to dialogue with BRTTH on different policies being implemented by the corporation to close the gap in return-to-hospital claims. 

Director Agnes M. Tolentino of NEDA, mentioned to continuously support BRTTH projects that could be included in the budget of the Department of Health as provided under the General Appropriations Act. Mr. Arwin Razo of DSWD, stated that DSWD can provide complimentary support to BRTTH for best healthcare facilities.

Moreover, Acting Director Atty. Daisy Bragais of CSC gave a short background of their mission “Lingkod Bayani: Ang Bawat Kawani” and hoped to share this with BRTTH through MSGC. She also hoped the leadership in BRTTH has undergone change management trainings. She highlighted the importance to embrace this change not only the top management but down to the lowest employee of the institution. Atty. Bragais said that CSC can help BRTTH in its human resources development.

Ms. February Manuel of Department of Budget Management (DBM RO5), mentioned that they would commit to continuously provide necessary technical support which was within their capacity and jurisdiction to BRTTH journey of being a successful apex hospital. Ms. Manuel also said that they will always promote BRTTH services and activities.

In addition, DOH Regional Director Ernie Vera stated that BRTTH should not only cater the Bicolanos but also the southern part of CALABARZON and the northern part of Samar, since the institution is moving forward.

Lastly, Dr. Estela Zenit, the OIC of Provincial Health Office was honored and thankful for the opportunity to be part of the policy making body for the attainment of BRTTH goal. As a commitment, Dr. Zenit said that the Provincial Health Office will support the maximum health system of the Albayanos.SS3The MSGC members as they present their advocacies that can guide and help BRTTH in pursuing its reform agenda.

Our society is always anchored to the ever-changing and fast-paced setup where in a single snap, everything can and might change. There is a constant tie between problems and challenges and this kind of paradox is not new especially in the health sector.

The help, support, and assistance of the MSGC members can undeniably uplift the attainment of long-term vision of BRTTH. The partnership will open a more competent governance charter and profound strategic plan that will cater to the mandate of BRTTH in serving the community.