Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA)

  1. Mandate


The Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital through Republic Act No. 9485 recognizes the need to observe high level of professionalism and integrity during working hours in order to maintain and improve the services it renders to the general public. Aside from the aforementioned law, this charter is bounded to several other legalities ensuring honest and untarnished delivery of services to patients even in the absence of social watchdogs like the media including.

  • Administrative Order No. 241

Requirement to identify top 20 frontline services; and

Identifying DILG as anti-red tape facilitators

  • CSC Memorandum Circular No. 14, s. 2008

Identification of top 20 services; and coming up with Citizens Charter

  • DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2008-164

Enforcing strict implementation of RA 9485

Moreover, this institution believes that its clients are the fuels that keep its engine running and that without them its existence won’t have any sense at all. BRTTH intends to provide and deliver high quality services that are accessible, timely, efficient, appropriate, and non-discriminatory.

This institution, therefore, deems it imperative to establish protocols that every employee shall uphold. It is in this light that this institution is launching its Citizen’s Charter.

The citizens' charter is a public declaration of this institution’s commitment to good governance and articulates this institution’s desire for a superior service giving our customers the assurance of the treatment that they deserve --- safe, just, transparent and high quality services throughout their stay in this institution. BRTTH Task Force team worked hand in hand to make sure that all the aspects of client care are covered and all the employees of this institution are well-informed with all the information found in this document.

This Citizen’s Charter speaks for the very reason why this institution exists. Other than that, this is a manifestation of our commitment towards maintaining and improving our services to the general public. More than just an evidence of our desire to reach out to the people in the society regardless of their social stature, t aims to give the general public pertinent data as to:

  1. The services that the institution is offering;
  2. Facilities that we have and that they can avail of;
  3. Standard process for filling of requests and complaints during confinement; and
  4. Other minute and specific details that they are entitled during their hospital stay.
    We envision BRTTH as an apex hospital in the Bicol Region providing holistic multi-specialty and subspecialty healthcare services.



As Bicol’s Road to Total Healthcare, we commit to provide safe and quality healthcare services dynamically involved in advocacy, education, training, research and extension.


The Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital through its Executive Committee shall guarantee the delivery of health and other health related services as promised in this Citizen’s Charter.

This shall serve as guide to our services and as manual of operations for the hospital employees and staff. It shall also serve as an expression of our commitment towards the attainment of our envisioned state to be the Bicol’s Road To Total Healthcare.

For our dear clients, this citizen’s charter shall be a guarantee of customer satisfaction, systematic service standards and procedures which shall ensure equal treatment in accessing health services. This shall also provide the right feedback mechanisms that will give them the opportunity for participation in service improvement.

It is with fervent hope that this BRTTH Citizen’s Charter shall serve the very purpose of continually improving our hospital operations and our commitment to provide dynamic and responsive healthcare services.