Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

May 3-10, 2019


The purpose of the organizational assessment is to determine the maturity of the organization’s existing governance mechanisms through interview with head of the organization, focused group discussion with the PGS core team, and online survey among the personnel.

Last May 3 to 10, 2019, the Institute for Solidarity in Asia through their associates Ms. Andrea Beatriz Llacer, conducted an online interview from among the BRTTH PGS Core Team. A focus group discussion together with Dr. Salvacion S. Macinas, Ms. Marlyn A. Daguno and Mr. Phil Sanver B. Mallorca concerning the accomplishment for the past few months after the formulation and finalization of the strategy documents were made including the 2022 strategy map, the target indicators and performance of the different areas of the hospital.

They were also asked about the plans of the management in terms of the strategies as well as the agreement on completing the initiation stage through a public revalida and the intention to adopting the performance governance system as a guiding principle in achieving the short and long term plans of the management for BRTTH. Awareness of the staff were also gathered through an online survey participated by selected personnel from various divisions and positions, as to their knowledge about the strategies and plans of the hospital.