Initiation Revalida

Initiation Revalida

June 27, 2019


And in the initiation revalida, the organization presents its initiation stage progress and outputs to a specially-convened panel of stakeholders, industry experts, and governance practitioners. Passing the revalida entitles the organization to be conferred the PGS compliant status.

The Public Governance Forum held two times in a year is the avenue for institutions who aims to complete a particular step in their Performance Governance System Journey: Initiation, Compliance, Proficiency and Institutionalization Stage. The most recent forum was held last June 27, 2019 at the Bayanihan Center, Pasig City. It was attended by over 200 delegates from both public and private organizations intending to participate and present their strides to be recognized a PGS status.

There were six hospitals who delivered their PGS plans and strategies with BRTTH as one among the hopefuls. It was a timed presentation to a crowd of mixed personalities from various fields and industries. Dr. Rogelio G. Rivera showcased the performance governance strategies and attainments of BRTTH and was able to receive not only the much aimed Stage 1 PGS certification but a silver trailblazer award, having qualified in the criteria for judging. This has been a great feat for BRTTH since not all presentors are given this kind of opportunity. The highest award that can given is the gold trailblazer award which inspired the team to excel further in order to achieve greater heights while reflecting the very intention of the initiative which is public service and good governance.

After having been recognized as PGS Initiation Stage compliant, the team has been inspired and is now aiming to complete the interventions of the next stage within the year (2019) in order to make it to the public governance forum next year.