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 The Department of Internal Medicine of the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital is committed to the promotion of health in adults, with a training and clinical program that aims to seek the latest updates in medicine through research and evidence based medicine, delivery of quality services in clinical care to the widest spectrum of patients, and the introduction and utility of the latest diagnostics and therapeutic modalities in the field. With internists and subspecialists, residents and a dedicated nursing staff, the department centers its services to the health needs of the people of Albay and its nearby provinces.

As an institution with Internal Medicine Residency Training Program accredited for almost 4 years by the Philippine College of Physicians, the department prepares future internists by offering quality training in internal medicine, critical care and a variety of subspecialties in the ambulatory, in-patient and community settings.

The Department of Medicine offers the following Specialty and subspecialty Services:

    • Internal Medicine Emergency Service
    • Internal Medicine Out-Patient Service
    • In Patient Service
    • Internal Medicine Infectious Ward
    • Medical Intensive Care Unit
    • Coronary Care Unit
    • Private In Patient Service
    • Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory service
    • Hemodialysis Service
    • Peritoneal Dialysis Service
    • Bicol Cancer Service
    • Coronary Care service
    • HIV screening and treatment Service
    • Subspecialty Services such as Cardiology,Pulmonology,Nephrology,Gastroenterology,Endocrinology Infectious, Oncology, Hematology and Neurology



General Internal Medicine Monday-Friday 1pm – 5pm
Dermatology Monday
8am – 12nn
8am – 12nn
Rheumatology Monday 1pm – 5pm
Oncology (BCC) Monday
8am – 12nn
8am – 5pm
8am – 12nn
8am – 5pm
Nephrology Monday
1pm – 5pm
1pm – 5pm
1pm – 5pm
Hematology (BCC) Tuesday 8am – 5pm
Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinic Tuesday 8am – 12nn
Neurology Wednesday 1pm – 5pm
Psychiatry Thursday 1pm – 5pm
Gastroenterology Friday 1pm – 5pm
Asthma Clinic (COPD Clinic once with Spirometer) Friday

2nd and 3rd Friday of the month
1pm – 3pm

1pm – 3pm
HACT Clinic Monday - Friday 1pm – 5pm
8am – 4pm
TB DOTS Monday – Friday 8am – 12nn