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The BRTTH Nursing Service Department, headed by the Chief Nurse is an independent and interdependent and dependent department accountable to the Medical Center Chief of the hospital


  • Administration of nursing services, including selection, training, rewards, recognition and evaluation of its nursing staff;
  • Delivery of nursing care which includes but not limited to traditional and innovative approaches, self-executing nursing techniques and procedures, comfort measures,health teachings and administration of legal and written prescriptions for treatments, therapies and medications;
  • Establishing linkages with the communication resources and coordination with the health team;
  • Participating in teaching, guiding and supervising of affiliates in nursing/midwifery education program;
  • Undertaking nursing and health manpower development training and research;
  • Conducting continuing education programs for nurses and allied personnel of the hospital;
  • Coordinating services with other members of the health team.


  1. The management and administration of nursing services is bound to provide the safest, most effective and efficient means to care for all the sick clients and their families and to help in the prevention of diseases and the promotion of health through its center for wellness.
  2. Development, promotion and maintenance of competence of nursing personnel through recruitment and selection of qualified personnel, attendance to learning and development, training and development needs assessment and periodic evaluation.
  3. Participation in the preparation and development of nurse/midwifery practitioners, educators and administrators through coordination / collaboration with the different affiliated schools, clinical instructors relative affiliation program.
  4. Initiation and collaboration with other agencies with regards to research and studies towards conduct, ethical and technical review, approval, certification, and/or public of outputs.
  5. Collaboration and cooperation towards efficient operation of the institution.
  6. Foster relationships with political, social, civic, religious and professional organizations that will benefit the hospital and the Nursing Service Department.


We envision the BRTTH Nursing Service Department, as an integral part of an apex hospital with personnel who are highly trained, skillful and knowledgeable in the provision of holistic nursing care services to patients.


The BRTTH Nursing Service Department commits to engage in the provision of compassionate, safe and quality nursing care services dynamically involved in advocacy, education, training, research and extension.

Core Values


Willingness to exert extra effort towards provision of excellent nursing care services in behalf of the organization and patient’s welfare.


We act with empathy and understanding toward others distress together with a desire to alleviate them, by touching the heart of another.


Adherence to statutory and regulatory professional requirements to ensure excellent performance in the provision of safe and effective nursing care


Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient’s preferences, needs and values and ensuring that these guide all clinical decisions.


Emergency Department Service 24/7 Harold H. Duran, RN, MAN, PhD
Out-Patient Department Service (OPD)
  • Heart Station
  • Bicol Cancer Center

8:00 am - 5:00 pm Wednesdays
8:00 am - 1:00 pm Saturdays

Aimee L. Boncacas, RN