The BRTTH TeleHealth Project “A call center for health”, is a project under the Health Highway program offering a new platform for providing healthcare services using the most convenient method modern technology has to offer. This aims to serve patients from the comfort of their homes so as to minimize travel costs, resources, and time.

The project has three components:

1. TeleMedicine, which aims to connect physicians to BRTTH doctors for case management or patient transfer referral.

2. TeleConsultation, offering consultation through social media or cellphone calls.

3. TeleService, answering queries of the public about BRTTH services, rates of procedures, and schedules.

These three components are accessible through the BRTTH TeleHealth Services Facebook page or through contacting its cellphone numbers or landline. When a client reaches out to BRTTH using any of these channels, the TeleClerk shall call the client back to spare them of additional expenses of a phone call to gather patient information then endorses the call to a physician starting the consultation making the service more user-friendly and accessible.

The Health Highway Program was conceptualized in 2009 with the HLK (Heart-Lung-and-kidney) Project. As coined by the BRTTH Medical Center Chief, Dr. Rogelio G. Rivera, it shall start a "Fast health care delivery to the community" providing tertiary care to patients who, before its launching, needed to travel to Metro Manila for procedures in the field. This not only required patients to spend on the procedure itself but also the travel and accommodation costs to name a few. Considering that a delay in health care shall cause complications to patients, this project provided the Bicolanos a cheaper, faster, and more accessible means to HLK treatment.

With the Covid19 pandemic and as the community adjust to the "new normal", the BRTTH has fast-tracked the TeleHealth project to help bring healthcare delivery closer to the people for convenience and safety.

The TeleHealth project is a milestone and one of the best practices in the Bicol Region for reason that the BRTTH TeleHealth platform is currently fully operational with policies and guidelines in place including a safeguard on data privacy.