BRTTH rolled-out COVID-19 Vaccination

5 March 2021


by: Ma. Aimee L. Boncacas/Nurse III, PHU


Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital conducted the Vaccine roll-out for CoronaVac Vaccine by Sinovac Lifesciences to 130 healthcare workers last March 5, 2021.

Dr. Edberto R. General, the Head of the Internal Medicine Department of this hospital is the first healthcare worker to be vaccinated with the CoronaVac Vaccine. He was joined by Dr. Anna Lynda T. Bellen, the Infectious Disease Specialist of BRTTH and Dr. Raoul Emmanuel O. Zantua, Head of the Outpatient Department and the Hospital Public Health Unit.

Dr. Bellen pointed out the importance of vaccination and the need for at least 70% of Filipinos to be vaccinated to develop herd immunity. She also cited that once the herd immunity is achieved, Covid-19 virus will become just like any other flu and we will just co-exist with it. Dr Bellen added that what matters is not the brand of vaccine, but the protection we can get from vaccines against severe covid-19 which can cause death.

Dr. General and Dr. Zantua, stated that they want to set as an example not only to the other health care workers but also to the public that it is safe to be vaccinated. They encourage everyone to be vaccinated and support the campaign for “RESBAKUNA, Kasangga ng BIDA” .



5 March 2021. (Left to Right) Dr. Christine Jane G. Hermo, Dr. Anna Lynda T. Bellen and Dr. Joan E. Bonaobra, the three Infectious Disease Specialist of Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital post vaccination. Photo Credits: Dr. Joan Bonaobra



Dr. Edberto R. General, as he gets his vital signs taken in preparation for vaccination.



Dr. Raoul Emmanuel O. Zantua and Dr. Anna Lynda T. Bellen while receiving their first dose of CoronaVac vaccine.



(Left to Right) Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Anna Lynda T. Bellen, DOH-Bicol Health Education Promotion Officer Noemi Bron, BRTTH OIC Medical Center Chief Dr. Salvacion S. Macinas, OIC Chief of Medical Professional Staff Dr. Honey Mae Raborar, posing for a photo post-vaccination.