Semestral Program Implementation Review

and Planning Workshop of Telehealth Project

Author: Cyra Corral

Co-Author: Maria Christian R. Arevalo


The Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) opened the Telehealth Project “A call for center for health” on October 02, 2020, to provide healthcare services using the most convenient method modern technology can offer. The project aimed to serve patients from the comfort of their homes to minimize their expenditures.

The Telehealth Project is currently operation at the institution and serving patients inside and outside of Bicol Region. Because of the pandemic, BRTTH implemented the project to deliver cheaper and faster healthcare to the community.

To fully deliver its three components, TeleMedicine, Teleconsultation, and TeleService, BRTTH conducted a semestral program implementation review and planning workshop of telehealth project.

The heads of the institution laid recommendations and plans on how to thoroughly carry out the Telehealth project of BRTTH, all for the benefit of the people it served.

 During implementation review and planning workshop, the heads recommended to providing a printable Telehealth Form and a phone with dual sim card to address the need of postpaid account to be utilized in Telehealth service. They also proposed two different IP addresses for systems and records.  

The possibility of Telehealth to operate 24/7 tackled. This was followed by a suggestion for an initial consultation meeting with the Health Emergency Management Staff (HEMS) and IT regarding Telemedicine.

Moreover, they also presented plans like formulation of policy on the privacy of each patient, consent form for telehealth, additional TeleClerks, and augmentation of Nurses to Telehealth Unit.

Fast healthcare delivery to the community providing tertiary care to patients is one of the goals of BRTTH. The Telehealth project will provide the community a more accessible healthcare service.