BRTTH Launches Bicol’s First Vaccine Registry Information System
Author: Cyra Corral
Co-Author: Ruwan Lique


On July 29, 2021, the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) formally launched its Vaccine Registry Information System (VRIS), the first vaccination module in Bicol Region. Developed by the BRTTH - Integrated Hospital Operation Management Program-Information Technology (IHOMP-IT) Unit, the module for the system has been embedded into the Hospital Operations and Management Information System (HOMIS) to store information for the vaccination records of the hospital.  The new HOMIS feature helps address tedious data collection and documentation, and is even able to generate collated information for analysis and reporting purposes.

The VRIS has a web interface accessible from mobile phones, tablets, and laptops of authorized hospital staff allowing easy and efficient viewing and encoding of data in the patient’s vaccination record.  If the patient is already enrolled in the vaccination registry, the staff simply retrieves the information and updates the record as needed.

 The vaccination registry module was presented to the vaccination team on July 21, and it has since been helpful in shortening the time consuming and repetitive encoding of vaccination records. By July 23, the IHOMP Unit introduced the web page interface of the system, and on July 29-30 roll-out of the full interface of the vaccination registry information system was accomplished.