Beautification of BRTTH Grounds


In an effort to provide patients and personnel of the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) with a more tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, Engr. Noly M. Panuelos, Engr. III/Pollution Control Officer, Engineering and Facilities Management (EFM) Department, together with his staff, presented a Grounds Beautification Plan to the Executive Committee (ExeCom) during the Management Review Meeting on the Performance of External Providers (Waste Management) held last July 22, 2021.

With the approval of the ExeCom, the EFM acquired Palawan cherry blossom (Cassia megalantha) seedlings ready for propagation along with dwarf sunflower seeds.  The latter are estimated to grow only up to 3 feet tall while the cherry blossoms are small to medium sized trees projected to grow to at least 50 feet, complimenting the sunflowers. According to Engr. Panuelos, the cultivation of the said plants shall be aided by fertilizers in order to achieve desired results.

On August 16, BRTTH employees headed by the ExeCom participated in a tree planting activity at the BRTTH park, center island, driveway, and frontage, which are the initial focus of the beautification plan, as constructions and expansions to accommodate covid-19 patients are still underway in other areas.  Further greening activities will be carried on along with the continuous development of the hospital.


Proposed Beautification of the BRTTH Grounds



BRTTH Medical Center Chief Dr. Eric Raymond Raborar leads the actual planting of the cherry blossoms and dwarf sunflowers, together with the rest of the Execom and their staff.