Blessing and Inauguration of BRTTH EREID Building and ED Satellite Laboratory


On April 1, 2022, BRTTH held the blessing and inauguration of two new facilities: the BRTTH Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases (EREID) Building and ED Satellite Laboratory. 

Dir. Ernie V. Vera, Regional Director of Department of Health - Center for Health Development Bicol along with the BRTTH Executive Committee (ExeCom), Medical Departments Officials, and other specialists and staff of the new facilities were present during the event.


After hurried retrofitting and displacement in 2020 of various hospital wards and clinics to accommodate COVID-19 cases and avoid mixing with regular patients, a separate building has finally been constructed to contain outbreaks of highly infectious diseases and prevent further transmission to the public.

Also, to address perennially unmet targets in laboratory turnaround time which are mainly due to the bulk of requests, especially for “stat orders” or those that must be processed without delay, a satellite laboratory was set up at the Emergency Department.


DOH CHD-Bicol Dir. Ernie V. Vera (right) and BRTTH infectious disease specialist Dr. Anna Lynda T. Bellen (left) had the honor to lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the EREID Facility. Looking on are the ExeCom medical consultants.



Seated around Dir. Vera are the members of the BRTTH ExeCom: Finance Officer Ms. Mary Nathalie P. Montes-Cadag; Medical Center Chief Dr. Eric Raymond N. Raborar; Chief of Medical Professional Staff Dr. Alma Bella G. Rivera; Chief Nurse Ms. Marlyn A. Daguno; Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Peter B. Almonte

Standing: Emergency Dept Head Dr. Jose Amie B. Bataga; OB-GYN Dept Head Dr. Charmane Claire T. Agcaoili; Infectious Disease Specialists Dr. Joan E. Bonaobra and Dr. Anna Lynda T. Bellen; Hospital Training Officer Dr. Honey May P. Raborar; Pedia Dept Head Dr. Mariegella Christe S. Ciocson; Internal Medicine Dept Head Dr. Edberto R. General; Laboratories and Pathology Dept Head Dr. Karlo Emir M. Tayzon