Ultrasound/CT Scan

All procedures , especially those requiring bowel preparation are scheduled. The patients is provided with instructions for the bowel preparation. However, patients no previously scheduled are accommodated during the day depending on bulk of the patients for the day.
All in patients no initially included for the dayscchedule are placed on an “on call” basis.
Emergency examinations or request for ultrasound outside of office hours or during holidays are done on” stat” basis, consultant “on deck”for the day is requested to come and perform the procedure.
Procedures requiring fasting are given the earlier time slots.

Patient’s record

Each patients is given unique case number.the case number of the patients with previous x-rays is retrieved from the computer or file. New patients are assigned new cases number.


All patients are billed accordingly, based on the approved hospital rates.
Procedures of admitted patients are charged to their hospital accounts.

Doing of examination

Refer to the work instructions.

Keeping records of the examination

X-ray film are recorded in the technologist logbook and brought to the x-ray office. The record in three areas ,(X-ray, Ultrasound, CT-Scan) should reflect the name of the patient, his examination, the date and the time of the procedure and the number and the size of the films used including the spoiled plates (for x-ray).

The technologist records the received x-ray films in the logbook. The record should reflect the name of the patient his examination the date and the time of the procedure and the number and size of the films received.

Interpretation of X-ray films, CT-Scan, and Ultrasound results

X-ray plates , ct-Scan films and Ultrasound printout are given to the consultant for official interpretation . For Ultrasound consultant on duty scans the patient prior to issuance of the result.

Official reading of the x-ray films, CT-Scan and Ultrasound results are transcribed into the computer by the secretary.

Radiologic technologist verify, print out of the official CT and Ultrasound interpretations
before releasing to the patients. Two copies of the report are made, one for the patient and the one for the radiology department’s record.

Releasing of Results

X-ray results are collected by the nurse on duty for in-patients or endorsed to the technologist for out-patients two times a day (10 AM, 3 PM) Results of patients of visiting physicians or of walk-in patients should be pick up by the patient of their representative. Ultrasound reports are fallow after scanning. CT scan reports are release in 3-5 days.


X-ray, CT and ultrasounds reports and films should be filed separately according to case number,

Barrowing/ returning of x-ray /ct scan plates (in patients)

Barrowed plates will be recorded in a logbook. A side from the patients name the record in the logbook should reflect which examination was borrowed , the borrowers name from what department the borrower belongs to and what time the plates were signed out.

Returned plates are checked for missing films or mixing of plates of other patients. Incomplete plates will not be accepted. A notation of “returned” will be placed in the logbook of borrowed plates.

Borrowing of X-ray CT scan plates (out-patient)

A borrowers form containing the partients name, X-ray/CT scan number, date and type of X-ray/CT scan examination borrowed date the plates were borrowed and name of the borrower will be made. Borrower will be requested to sign the form. All the films borrowed for the day are typed in by technologist into the computer intended for that purpose.

All films intended for teaching and for legal purpose cannot be borrowed by the patients.

All the other films are released to the patients or their relatives only upon receipt of a written letter of authorize of the attending physician.